BusinessTrails uses a no-nonsense approach that has been honed to perfection through numerous business challenges of our clients.

How (do we work) 

We follow three principles when guiding companies towards their growth:

  1. Define and select a growth path based on market and customer insights
  2. Get the organization ready for growth through result oriented programs and agile ways of working 
  3. Realize growth by kickstarting the growth initiative and nourishing it into standard practice. 

1. Define and select a growth path

The strategy and goals of our clients always form the basis for our approach. Often we first work with our customers to sharpen their strategy before defining possible growth paths. When defining growth paths in co-creation we determine a number of opportunities that should fulfill the client’s business strategy. Each opportunity is meticulously elaborated and transformed into a feasible growth path. Previously determined success criteria are used to select the growth path with the best success/effort ratio.

2. Get the organization ready for growth

We determine different ways the organization could materialize the results of the growth path. Usually, we define buy, build and collaborate scenario’s. We’ll look at the skills and building blocks available within the company. But we also check out what is available in the start-up world and which cooperations/take overs are possible. If needed, we assist to get everything in place in order to be ready for significant growth.

3. Kickstart and nourish growth

We do not just plan things, we also execute them. Significant growth usually comes with changes in the way you work. And change is never easy. We make sure the growth plans are actually acted upon. As long as needed we’ll help you on effectuating the growth plans in order to really grow revenue and profit. At the same time, we work hard to get your organization independent of us. Your people will learn how to keep growing the company after we leave.