Boutique international business consultancy

BusinessTrails is a boutique business consultancy with an international scope. Since 2014 our seasoned professionals have joined forces to help companies realize their ambitious goals. We differentiate ourselves with a results oriented  way of working and a no-nonse fact based approach. Yet we realize that in most businesses people make the difference. 

How we work

Our approach has been honed to perfection through numerous business challenges of our clients in different industries. We follow three principles when guiding companies towards growth:

  1. Define and select a growth path based on market and customer insights
  2. Get the organization ready for growth through result oriented programs and agile ways of working
  3. Realize growth by kickstarting the growth initiative and nourishing it into standard practice.

1. Define and select a growth path

The strategy and goals of our clients always form the basis for our approach. Often we first work with our customers to sharpen their strategy before defining possible growth paths. When defining growth paths in co-creation we determine a number of opportunities that should fulfill the client’s business strategy. Each opportunity is meticulously elaborated and transformed into a feasible growth path. Previously determined success criteria are used to select the growth path with the best success/effort ratio.

2. Get the organization ready for growth

We determine different ways the organization could materialize the results of the growth path. Usually, we define buy, build and collaborate scenario’s. We’ll look at the skills and building blocks available within the company. But we also check out what is available in the start-up world and which cooperations/take overs are possible. If needed, we assist to get everything in place in order to be ready for significant growth.

3. Kickstart and nourish growth

We do not just plan things, we also execute them. Significant growth usually comes with changes in the way you work. And change is never easy. We make sure the growth plans are actually acted upon. As long as needed we’ll help you on effectuating the growth plans in order to really grow revenue and profit. At the same time, we work hard to get your organization independent of us. Your people will learn how to keep growing the company after we leave.

Our professionals

Our professionals all have over 20 years of experience as a consultants and project managers. Each with his own specific experience and competences. But all have a background as entrepreneurs and investors. That is why we are able to combine analysis with creativity. And we balance out people skills with growth in revenue and profitability.

Peter van Houdt

Realizing profitable growth, that is what companies are about.  Peter is at his best in commercial organizations that require innovative brainpower combined with the art of successful execution. He has experience since 1992 in The Netherlands and abroad for ANWB, ARAG, AEGON, ABN AMRO, Binckbank, Copasa, Essent/RWE, KLM, KPN, Morres Wonen, NUON Vattenfall, Onemed, Philips, Randstad, Vexos and Volksbank.

Martijn Heijstek

Awesome customer experiences and moments of WOW start with being relevant. In customer propositions, customer contact and in marketing.  Martijn helps organizations to rethink and redesign their business by putting the customer central. He has over 20 years of experience in financial services, healthcare, telecom and utilities. He has worked for Aegon, SNS Bank, OneMed, Nuon Vattenfall, KPN, T-Mobile, BinckBank and ANWB among many others.

Jeroen Bertrams

Since 1999 Jeroen has helped companies to grow faster and smarter using the benefits of online marketing channels. From moderating strategy workshops all the way to meticulous execution. Jeroen is author of eleven books about  (online) marketing, investements and a wide variety of other subjects. He is a regular guest at Business News radio. Some of his clients are Randstad, Essent/RWE, Philips, KLM, ARAG, Nuon, Centraal Beheer, ONVZ, SNS Bank/Volksbank, ABN AMRO and Tempo Team.

Robbert Speet

Robbert started his career in the late nineties as a pioneer and entrepreneur in website marketing and development and online and digital marketing. Later he specialized in project management and developed a deep knowledge and vast experience in employer branding, career websites and labour marketing concepts. ANWB, Dirk, Essent, Holland Casino, KvK, NTI,  TenneT, UMC and VanHaren are among his happy clients.

Partners we work with

We have a track record of successful cooperation with various partners with capabilities that are compatible with ours. The help us to implement our growth plans in a professional and proactive way. Typical competences we can organize are:

  • Creative design
  • Online marketing
  • Campaign management
  • CRM development and integration


Please contact us if you would like to talk about your growth opportunities.